• Finishing Touches by Janiene Murrell
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Interior Design and Decorating in Townsville

Finishing Touches by Janiene Murrell has been in business since 2001, when she started helping clients applying “finishing touches’ to their colour schemes, and over that time she have adapted her business to suit her clients requirement and desires.

As a qualified interior decorator and designer, Janiene can offer services from choosing the colours for the outside or inside your home or commercial property, curtains and blinds, decor and furniture selections and property styling

Janiene is an Aquarian on the cusp of a Capricorn which says a lot - ‘Aquarians are the ultimate in originality and the unconventional. Their independent intellect inspires a quest to do something meaningful in their lifetime. Their creative pursuits lead them to be original and unique. Inventiveness is the ‘spice of life’ and Aquarians have a knack for it and it spills over into all areas of their life. The Aquarius - born are constantly seeking and dispensing knowledge, much of which, is geared towards helping life in the future. An Aquarians’ basic nature is inspiring and captivating.’

All of the above is the essence of Janiene Murrell and she will always strive to the best she can possibly do for her clients and most of all her family and friends.