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Finishing Touches by Janiene Murrell work portfolio consists of interior styling, Design Consulting, Interior/ Exterior Colourist and Lifestyle Coordinator assisting people with professional organising services which can rejuvenate your life with new potential. Organising and coordinating things at home and work can help kick start a new direction for your life, particularly one that is stress free. Life is so much happier when you don’t have things to do hanging over your head!

How It All Began

As a young woman, Janiene made a scrapbook of design interiors that she thought she would like to use in her dream home. Little did she know this was the beginnings of her chosen profession and a career when at the age of 19, she was instated as the Paint n Paper Dulux Colour Consultant for Brisbane North.

Creativity is the essence of her work experience which began as a florist at Fortitude Valley, Brisbane doing floral arrangements for the Royal Brisbane Hospital and eventually learning the skills of bridal bouquets.

The opportunity arose to participate in an interior decorating course run by the Beaumont School of Interior Decoration and Design from which she graduated in both beginners and advanced courses and was singled out to work as a decorator in her own right for the principle Valma Pugh of Valma Pugh Interiors going on to become the assistant director of Beaumont School of Interior Decorating and Design.

Finishing Touches Today

Janiene’s designing career continued working for Sabian Interiors, and as a soft furnishing consultant for Andersons Curtains. Having to move states, with her husband’s work, she ended up living in Darwin and achieved success graduating with a Certificate of Fashion Technology and winning awards in both 1989 and 1990 Darwin Fashion Awards.

Currently Janiene is the co-owner of it’s paint with her husband Shane of 31+ years, which gives her access to an infinite amount of colour resources from Resene and Porters, both innovative paint companies, which are both exclusive to Townsville.

During 2010/11 Janiene assisted other people achieve their decorating goals by holding decorating courses with the same school now owned by Tracie Rodwell-Dunne from Tracie Dunne Design. In 2012 she upgraded her skills graduating with a second certificate in Advanced Interior Decorating and Design.

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