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Floral Design

Where does a flower arrangement begin? Does it start with the choice of the flowers, or of the container, or both of these chosen to suit the needs of a particular spot in your home? It can start at any of points. No matter what the genesis of the floral design, flowers, container or background, the end result should be a pleasing relationship between all three. My first foray into working life was as a florist, firstly casual at a kiosk in the Chermside shopping centre, before it became the mega centre it is today and then fulltime in a family-owned business at 1 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley just up from the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

I loved it and still do today, especially when I can go down into my own garden and pick flowers to put into a vase to add colour and freshness to any of the rooms in my home. The background may seem to be the most rigid but the colour schemes in the rooms of your home are more or less set. You cannot redecorate for every dinner party you host. Remember, though, that flowers are live natural things and have an unexpected adaptability.

A room decorated in shades of rose and green would be ruined if a chair upholstered in yellow were added, but it might gain new warmth and charm from a bowl of daffodils set on a table attracting and reflecting the light. Mixing the dried, such as artistically shaped twigs and branches, with the fresh colour of the flowers or the simplicity of greenery can add the perfect accent to any corner of the home. Enjoy nature for all its wonder!

Floral Design in your home

You don’t have to be a florist to have flowers in your home, contact me today to arrange a consultation.