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I am quite often asked in general conversation this question, “Why are interior designers so expensive?”

The difference between what is an interior designer and an interior decorator is this.

An interior designer has a specific level of education and qualification to plan and supervise the design and execution of interiors and their furnishings, and to organise the various arts, accessories and décor essential to their completion. Most would have some creative input to the exteriors with consultation to an architect and landscape designer.

Few clients know what or realize what I do, especially behind the scenes. Interior design involves a multitude of technical, analytical, creative skills and understandings of architectural elements, similar to architects in knowledge of the built environment. Architects who don’t want to take the time to detail out the kitchens and bathroom areas are happy to turn things over to a designer.

Most clients don’t have any idea what I do behind the scenes to get a project to a completed state.

Designers can do all the prep design and are usually less expensive than an architect. I can tell clients how to create a fabulous design using unique furnishings from trusted sources who deliver quality products on time. Let them know that I have the knowledge and experience of what to choose and where to find it!

The professional interior designer provides a full consultancy service; will be multi faceted; and will apply creative and technical solutions within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.

Telling the client how I can find the perfect red sofa with blue undertones (not one with orange because it will clash with the style the client is going for), one that’s large enough for the space, but not too large to fit through the doorway, one with just the right fabric to handle the occasional food or drink spill … is just one criteria met.

The professional interior designer is intent on improving the psychological and/or physiological well being of their clients and achieves this by understanding their clients needs and seeking appropriate solutions.

If I explain the process and paint a picture of what I do, they’ll see how my vetted network of professionals is something they could never duplicate. They’ll see how much time and aggravation I’ll save them because I do this for a living. When to spend and where to budget is just one facet of the individual services that I can offer.

They’ll see that they don’t have the expertise required to create a design that perfectly meets their needs – as well as their budget. I can devise individual and personalised design ideas to update your plans and inspire your renovation or building concept.

As an interior decorator I can deal with the soft furnishings window dressings, colour schemes, paint and wallpaper specifications and styling with accessories.

Armed with all that knowledge a client should understand that a designer and decorator IS a valuable asset to their project, be it interior or exterior.

All fees would be justified given the qualifications, expertise and experience required.

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