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Wallpapering Services

That’s right wallpaper is fashionable again and painting a wall is not the only way to express our home’s personality. Whatever your style, there is a wallcovering to match or complement any space.

Wallpapers come in white, black and all the colours in between. Shiny or smooth, textured, patterned or discreet, wallpaper can be a subtle background or the show-off centrepiece. Look for a wallpaper in your favourite background colour, rev it up with subtle or bold wallpaper patterns, add surface interest with texture, a subtle sheen, or a suede effect.

Wallcovering manufacturers regularly bring out new colours and designs. Popular renovation shows have also given great exposure to the versatility of wallpaper. Where homes use to cover every wall with a horrible pattern, it is now seen as the new ‘feature wall’ with a selection of paints to highlight and compliment the wallpaper chosen as the hero for the room.

The trend to patterned, printed and embroidered fabrics have seen an equal shift to dramatic, look-at-me papers. Rich and rococo-inspired patterns that are slightly over-scale, often with a metallic shimmer against a matt background. updated retro geometric designs of the ’60s and ’70s and reworked floral and botanical prints are key trends featuring in design magazines. It’s all part of the international swing away from minimalism into glamour, luxury and pattern.

The cost of wallpaper varies from as little as $70 per roll to $300 per roll but no matter the cost, installation by an experienced professional ensures that your decision to include wallcovering in your home design is the right one.

It’s Paint on Ingham Road has the largest selection of Vision Wallcovering in Townsville, with my help, I am sure we can find the perfect selection to compliment your home.

Interested in adding a wallpaper feature to your home? Contact me today for a free measure and quote.

Image featured compliments of Vision Wallcoverings